The Cyber Forensics Program available at GSTJ is designed for students and professionals looking to explore the world of cyber crime investigations, tracking, analysis, and litigation practice including prosecution and defence, computer security, crime prevention methods and understand the emerging concerns of technology abuse in modern equipments and networks.

The course will also initiate students into the world of cyber crime investigations through the help of simulated e-crime cases prepared exclusively by GSTJ for students to solve as part of their assessments.

Eligibility to Apply
Minimum 10 + 2 qualification
Course Highlights
Cyber Crimes Overview, Internet Security, Banking & Financial Crimes, Phishing, Data Leakage, Encryption, Digital Signatures & Certificates, Certifying Authorities, Abuse of SSL, Steganography, Email & IP Tracking, Email & SMS Spoofing, Tracking (Instant Messaging), Credit Card Frauds, Identity Thefts, SPAM, Nigerian Scams, Data Recovery & Tracking, Handling & Solving Cyber Crimes, Proxy Servers, Bluetooth Abuse, Wifi Security & Abuses, Digital Evidence & Law.
Course Suitable For
Lawyers, Law Students, Police, Armed Forces, Detectives, Corporate Surveillance teams, IT & Security Managers, Network/Security Administrators, Bankers, E-Commerce Portal Developers & Owners, Web Designers & Developers.
Course Duration
1 month (Classroom Mode)
Course Fee
Rs. 7,500/-
For Application Forms, contact the Admissions Office by calling (0) 9231662024 or emailing