The GSTJ Alumni is a glittering list of individuals comprising of both young students as well as experienced professionals who have undertaken various pioneering academic courses at the School and have been immensely benefited by the advanced learning opportunities, interactive teaching methods and skills-based assessments.

The School lists some of these alumni members herein below who have chosen to share their wonderful learning experiences for the benefit of existing as well as prospective students of Global School of Tech Juris.


Divya Khettry Legal Trainee
Studied Cyber Laws & Legal Skills Training Programs

Out of the various courses conducted by Global School of Tech Juris I opted for Cyber Laws and Legal Skills Training programs. GSTJ provided us with an academic environment combined with inspiration and opportunity which enabled us as students to learn, understand, explore and acquire a critical understanding of the various subjects as well as inculcate a practical knowledge of many issues. The Cyber Laws Program helped me understand this new and evolving area of technology laws. While the Legal Skills Training program contributed immensely in areas like personality development, enhancement of writing and speaking skills and also helped me to build my resume successfully. Legal Skills Training is a good course for all new law graduates. I have been fortunate enough to be a student of Global School of Tech Juris and I feel a certificate from GSTJ is a tremendous asset.

Sulagna Dawn Law Graduate
Studied Legal Skills Training & Cyber Laws Programs

I think practical experience is an essential requirement in contemporary study programs and this is what fascinated me about the innovative course called Legal Skills Training Program offered by Global School of Tech Juris. This course enhances the skills and knowledge of the budding lawyers and the law students by providing them with interactive lecture sessions where experienced professionals and advocates share their practical work experiences and significant aspects about the legal practice. The Legal Skills Training Program has instilled in me confidence to compete as a professional as I undertook a lot of interactive classes on client counselling sessions, moot courts, legal drafting, legal research as well as specialized lectures on laws related to property, criminal, family, intellectual property among many others.

Swaraj Shaw Legal Associate
Studied Cyber Laws & Legal Skills Training Programs
I am very proud and extremely happy to say that I took the right step in joining the training programs conducted by Global School of Tech Juris. GSTJ has opened up a new world of opportunities for law students, graduates as well as budding lawyers in Eastern India. My experience as a student at GSTJ has been great as the training provided has been truly world-class in standards, concepts and methodology and a lot of credit goes to the devoted faculty members for their expertise and efforts in meticulously preparing all the course materials. It is a matter of pride for me to be a part of the GSTJ alumni. The training programs at GSTJ are comprehensively designed thereby catering well to the needs of the legal industry in the current scenario. Further the mock tests, assessments, group discussions and interviews conducted by the faculty members throughout the academic programs helped me to understand the basic concepts of law and also contributed to boost my confidence.
Sayanti Manna Legal Associate, S. Jalan & Co. Law Firm
Studied Cyber Laws
The journey began in June 2007 when I was given an opportunity to become a part of the Global School of Tech Juris family. Prior to enrolling for the Cyber Laws program, I had no knowledge about the subject area although was aware that it is very much important in today's world and that it punishes crimes relating to computer systems. Although I was right to guess that the area of study was concerned with cyber crimes, but I had no knowledge about the absolute vastness of the subject. But however vast it was, not only me but hopefully all the students undertaking the Program have got an overall knowledge about the subject and the credit goes to the faculty at Global School of Tech Juris. If their way of imparting knowledge is followed in all the institutions, I am sure this will stop the trend of students who only possess good marks but lack in depth and understanding. Even though I have not pursued a career in cyber laws, the knowledge I gathered has helped me to assist clients and find solutions regarding cyber crime issues. Further it has also helped me to protect myself from becoming a victim of cyber crime. Thank you GSTJ as it was a privilege being a part of your institution.
Pramiti Bandopadhyay Legal Associate
Studied Cyber Laws & Cyber Forensics Programs
Global School of Tech Juris for me has been a very positive and enthusiastic experience in terms of the course that I studied which was precise, up-to-date with all the important current affairs concerning the field of cyber laws. We also received continuous encouragement and individualistic attention from our teacher. The study of each area of cyber laws was in-depth and precise with a lot of case studies that made it more interesting. It was the truly innovative methods of teaching applied at GSTJ that made the technical areas so simple to understand and incorporate.
Manisha Agarwal Legal Associate, S. Jalan & Co. Law Firm
Studied Cyber Laws
Global School of Tech Juris has been an integral part in the process of shaping up my legal career. The program, faculty, organisation, academic environment and method of training are all so well balanced that one cannot find any lacuna in either of them. The audio visual methods used during training make each and every minute of the class so very interesting, interactive and easy to grasp. Although the subjects taught here are highly technical yet they are made extremely simple. I have just started my professional career as an advocate and thanks to GSTJ I am already dealing with cases relating to cyber laws. Thank you GSTJ for helping me reach where I am and I would love to be attached to this organization throughout my life.
Dwaipayan Basu Mallick Advocate, Calcutta High Court
Studied Cyber Laws
Professional, crisp, precise and enlightening that is how I would describe the GSTJ experience which enabled me to grasp a subject like cyber laws that was not only alien to me but to our land itself and a special note of thanks to Mr. Misum Hossain, my teacher, mentor and friend.


Pratyush Patwari Advocate, Calcutta High Court
Studied Cyber Laws
GLOBAL SCHOOL OF TECH JURIS is an institution comprising of young, enthusiastic and skilled legal professionals who are committed to bestow their in-depth knowledge of diverse branches of law in a conducive, interactive and friendly environment. With the spontaneous and almost phenomenal growth of cyberspace new issues relating to various legal aspects of cyberspace began cropping up and for proper and true understanding of such issues I had undertaken the cyber law course from this institution which made me aware of various Indian and International legislations concerning cyber laws and its related areas. I tender my heartiest gratitude to Mr. Misum Hossain for imparting and sharing his stupendous knowledge on the subject of Cyber Laws. Being a part of the student friendly GLOBAL SCHOOL OF TECH JURIS was a great and unforgettable experience. The best part of the course was the interactive and audio-visual classes where every endeavour was made to give each student a proper understanding of the subject both in theoretical and practical manner. For me G.S.T.J. is GREAT SCHOOL TO JOIN as it provides a platform for students and professionals to gain knowledge in diverse fields of modern Indian as well as International Laws.